New Blog

I maybe doing something else with this space once more so I wanted to redirect all my blog followers to my new writing home:

I enjoy blogging and communicating with you all however I have not been too happy with WordPress or this template as the margins are too small for writing. Come on over as this space will probably get a portfolio remake in 2015.

Oh happy October!


Aloha there weary traveler!

I apologize for my month plus absence as I have been a bit busy in life and contemplating a change of appearance on this site. (Not digging the small photos with these columns.) Even though this website has not been much of anything as of late, I have been busy with Instagram and luckily, you can follow me there!

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Guardians of the Galaxy

 I admit, I grew up DC but as an adult, I really enjoy Marvel especially their movies.

I grew up with Spider-Man on FOX TV! and even had the FLEER trading cards. Those were a great conversation piece with my friend Jimmy and I. Great artwork too. Prior to the movie, I couldn’t name the Avengers. Sure, I knew all the individual characters but never fell in love with the team ups.

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Cartoon All Stars (1990)



Does anyone remember this gem from the 1990s? The Cartoon All Stars come to the rescue of a kid who might have become hooked on drugs. Obviously, Slimer and Michelangelo were my favorites.

TLOEB: Cryptozoology


This week’s topic is “Cryptozoology.” (I skipped last week’s as it was a bit too broad for my tastes but was “Contrast and Compare.”)

As a paranormal enthiusiast, you’d think that I would go the way of the obvious and talk about the Jersey Devil (whom they named a hockey team from), El Chupacabra (the once alien turned coyote monster), or even the big man himself, Bigfoot. Eh, I guess I could divulge a few of my run ins.

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The McNugget Buddies



I admit that I have a soft spot for McDonald Happy Meal toys of the late 80s and early 90s. They did some really cool stuff including the McNugget Gang which tied into their late 80s commercials. These McNuggets were like the children of Ronald and he would take care of them. Only if they knew that they would end up getting munched upon….

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The Land of the Lost

I recently received a “winnings box” of amazement from The Trash Man and within it was a DVD box set of “The Land of the Lost.” I never was a fan of the original which the box set is but I was a fan of the 1991 series on Saturday Mornings. And that got me to thinking of that show… did anyone else watch this? (Btw, YouTube has several episodes)

What was your favorite Saturday Morning show from the 90s?

The Trash Man’s Treasures


Earlier this month, I found out that I was fortunate enough to win the Trashman’s “One Man’s Trash…” Anniversary Giveaway. This was a contest from a blog that I really enjoy following and I highly recommend you to do so as well. The winning action was all about talking about SNES rentals and my love of the RPGs of the era. I was shocked to win in all reality but uber thrilled!

Here is the break down of all things good in this HUGE winning.

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Robin Williams

First, Harold and now Robin. Two great comedy minds lost in 2014 and Heaven got a lot funnier.




TMNT Thursday: Raphael 2014



I am big fan of Raphael. It always comes down to Leo or Raph; the leader or the lone wolf. Ironically, both polar opposite colors of red and blue.

I couldn’t help but pick up Raph as my first 2014 TMNT movie figure. He’s pretty rad.

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